Private Investigator Reveals
Real-World Secrets...

"51 Dirty Tricks
Bad Guys Really Hate"

Sneaky Tactics used by
Police, Private Investigators
and Bounty Hunters

51 Dirty Tricks Bad Guys Really Hate How to be a Private Investigator

    How a dirty cop can beat the daylights out of a completely compliant subject, on video, and get away with it every time!

    The Dirty Trick I wish I had learned YEARS ago! (This alone is worth the price of the book many times over.)

    The social media Dirty Trick Al-Queda used to blow up 4 Top Secret U.S. helicopters!

    The “How Much Do They Drink” Dirty Trick.

    WARNING: Don't even think about using any of the Dirty Tricks in the “Off Limits” chapter!

    The one Dirty Trick thieves hate even more than getting caught!

    Real-World Case Studies.

    The “Freakishly Effective” Dirty Trick to catch underage drinkers in a bar. (This is one I almost didn't include!)

    REVEALED: The Dirty Trick that saved me from a beating.

    The Dirty Trick cops use to shut down a Private Investigator's surveillance in 30 seconds or less. (Don't conduct another surveillance until you learn this one!)

    A cute little Dirty Trick to drive a stalker crazy. (I've used this one pro-actively for years!)

    One sneaky way to discover who installed a hidden cam.

    Bonus Tips!

    Section on Little Known Sources of Info (If you're a real-world P.I. you better learn these!)

    The best time of day to use “The Last Place You Look Dirty Trick”.

    The “Particularly Devastating” trick to catch a liar. (That's what the U.S Government said in a previously classified report!)

    The Post Card Dirty Trick. (This is so powerful it's one of my all-time favorites!)

    And Much, Much More!

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      About the author:

          Larry Kaye, Private Investigator and author got his Private Investigator License, founded and ran his own Detective Agency for nine years before he semi-retired to write, train and consult.

      Larry is also the creator of The Investigator's Ultimate Guide Series.

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